Remembering Angelo 'Mike' Minchella

From: Mineola American - an Anton Newspaper
Purple and black bunting hang above the bay doors at fire headquarters and Elm Place quarters as the Mineola Fire Department mourns the passing of one of its members, Angelo Minchella. Mike, as he was fondly known, passed away on Saturday, Jan. 3, after 49 years of "tireless" and dedicated service. Mike joined the Mineola Fire Department on October 30, 1955 by becoming a member of Engine Co. No. 1. Throughout his years of service Mike always stepped forward to do his share of the work. His pride in being a member of the Mineola Fire Department was obvious to all, as he would become a "father figure" for so many of the younger members.

Mike's leadership abilities were evident. In April, 1977, he was elected to the position of 2nd Lieutenant. Two years later he would become 1st Lieutenant and then, in April 1981, Mike would reach his pinnacle by becoming Captain of Engine Co. No. 1. Several years later he was elected to the position of Warden, a position that he held for six years. Throughout his decades of service, Mike served on numerous committees. As Chief Scott Strauss stated, "Mike was a workaholic for the Mineola Fire Department."

Mike's pride was also felt by his family and it served as an inspiration to his son, James, who would also join the department. It would then get carried down to his grandsons who would join the volunteer fire service in their local community.

On the night before his funeral Mass the Mineola Fire Department held its service to pay their respect to Mike. In recognition for his years of service and dedicated efforts, he was posthumously made an Honorary Chief of the Mineola Fire Department. While no man is indispensable, the Mineola Fire Department will certainly miss the loyalty, friendship, dedication and work ethics of Mike Minchella.

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